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Interesting Bright Small Bathroom Color

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To find calm and serenity and the comfort of being sheltered in a single’s home the individual needs to pursue shift in small gestures, small decorations which function in the general color scheme envisioned.

It looks like only a few months ago I was thinking about giving my guest bathroom just a small refresh. Oh wait, it was a few months past . I am just indecisive, so that it takes me twice as long to get things done as various other folks. However, my defects aside, it is done and I am so thrilled to be sharing the show with you now!!

Allow me to back up and inform you about what the bathroom used to seem like. After we moved into our home about five decades ago, I literally threw up all of the bathroom decor I used when I was in school. I have to have reeeeeally been into glowing colors (and a lot of orange! ) ) , because it seemed like half of the rainbow in my bathroom. I am not kidding!

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